Saturday, February 25, 2012

Akron Garden Show

Spring can’t be that far off. The Akron and Columbus garden shows are this weekend. The Akron show is the perfect size. It is large enough to make the trip, but not so large as to wear you out.  As has been the case every year since we started going to the Akron show, it snowed.  Maybe it’s Mother Nature’s way of telling our day lilies and irises not so fast.  The display gardens are always fun to look at and the show always has something special. This year it was a duct tape house building competition among middle and high schools in Summit County.   These kids put a lot of work into their projects.   The Duct Tape Guys were the main seminar. They had a combination comedy routine and seminar about, guess what?  Duct tape.  Boy it was a hoot.  When each of our girls left the house, I threw a role of duct tape in their car emergency kits. 

Hosta and daffodils, hosta and tulips. If I could only get them to grow together, I'd know that I finally made it as a gardener.

 I voted for the house with the flowers as the best in show. I hope it wins.

 Check out the interior. Now that is cool.
We already have one potting bench, but this one is calling my name. Now, all I have to do is get the stars , moon  and the planets all in alinment and then convince Pat. Maybe we can give up buying pots or more lawn ornamentation.

 I am shameless,just like these guys.
Tommorrow, we are off to Columbus and more garden show.


Sunray Gardens said...

Making a whole weekend of garden shows. Atleast the snow didn't drop like they predicted this weekend. Looks like a nice one today.

Cher Sunray Gardens

Anonymous said...

You are making the rounds. These types of shows are always so interesting....

Lona said...

Wow they did a wonderful job with the duct tape houses. The details are amazing. I did not know you could do so much with duct tape even though here every year some of the senior always make dress from it for prom. LOL! I always have a roll around here too.
The show looks wonderful and the blooms just gets you all ready to hit the garden. I like that potting bench.Just what I need since mine blew over this winter and busted to pieces. A vinyl one might just roll and not break up.
I am so ready to get to the garden show in Columbus tomorrow. I really need a flower infusion.