Tuesday, November 17, 2009

an unexpected pleasure

The vinca vines that are all over the gravel are a small wonder. They are supposed to be an annual. The ones Pat plants in her planters die off every fall. There's too many P's in that sentence but I don't know what do do about that. I'm married to Pat. We are talking about plants and plants go into planters. One year the vinca grew all the way down to the ground from the boxes on the deck. Look what happened. They went native. Every year they come back. The ground under the gravel path is moist all year round. Maybe the deck protects them enough. Aren't annuals just perennials that can't survive year round in the climate they are planted? And they are still green as life is draining away from eveything around them.


Noelle Johnson said...

Hi Jim,

Isn't amazing how persistent some plants can be, weathering all kinds of extreme temperatures? Your Vinca is a beautiful groundcover.

Chloe m said...

Have you been reading Dr. Seuss? :)
Vince is one tough cookie. I love that it survives our winters. I have one plant and it is spreading, slowly and surely.

Jim Groble said...

Funny you mentioned Dr. Seuss. I just picked up an excellent 1957 edition of "The Cat in the Hat".

Jane Doe said...

Jim...embrace alliteration as your friend! Too many p's? Pshaw! Don't you just love it when annuals prove the world wrong and keep on blooming or come up when they're not supposed to? I think it's just nature's way of saying, "Fooled ya!"