Sunday, November 22, 2009

around the yard

We planted this pear tree three years ago. We try to plant a tree for every tree we have to cut down. It gives us some middle level cover till it matures. It was the last tree to hold its leaves in the back yard.

These are "Virginia Sweet Spire." This is the second spot for these bushes. The garden center told us to plant these guys in the shade. We kept them in the shade for 2 years wondering why they were so small. You have to remember, we were still at the bottom end of the learning curve. Well, we moved the bushes to their present location where they have flourished. They have a beautiful cylindrical white flower. The snow will take the leaves.

This shot gives you a better view of the vinca that went "native." This vinca started as one shoot about five years ago.

Pachysandra stays green year round. It is the palette which Pat and I do our shade gardening. It has a small white flower in the early spring. I think "pac" was the ground cover of choice by landscapers in the 80's when our house was built. It is slow growing, so you can cut out a spot and plant hosta or ligularia.
Ligularia is stunning as it sinks into hibernation.


janie said...

It is indeed stunning!

Chloe m said...

I will think twice now about asking garden centers for advice on plants. :) Pachys. is great groundcover. Good post!

Bay Area Tendrils said...

Uhhh.... that's one heckofa HOSTA, Mr. Jim!