Sunday, November 2, 2008

photo scavenger hunt

Today The Cuyahoga Metroparks had a photo scanger hunt. Pat, my fellow teacher Jenna, and I teamed up and had a go at it. None of us had been to this part of the Metropark reservation before. There are 20,000 acres with 60 miles of paved trails and hundreds of mile of hiking trails. All the rangers and staff were very helpful.
We had an hour to find 25 items. It was a lot of fun. There were 20 some teams wandering around. The teams with kids gladly shared information with us and us with them. The adult teams took the adventure way too serious, sending us off on wild goose chases. Well, I sent them looking for checkered paint and pigeon milk. The stairs take you up to the top of the cliffs, or so I am told, since we didn't venture up there today. There were some flowers still in bloom and I couldn"t resist.

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