Monday, July 21, 2008

j'accuse or caught in the act

We've lost plants to animals all summer long. We have so much hosta that losing a few plants isn't really noticeable except to Pat and I. We figure it as the cost of gardening. We have feeding areas for the local wildlife in the hope they'll leave the plants alone. Now we did lose all of our black eyed susan to critters this year. We had that stuff in half a dozen different areas. That aggravated Pat. My only reply was to plant more next year.

I was sitting in the patio reading Donald Kagan's book on the Peloponnesian war, because I needed some light reading for the summer, when who do you think comes hopping across the yard. It's Mr. Bunny. well at least one of the dozen or so rabbits we have seen in the yard at one time or another. I have my camera with me. As I'm trying to get close to the rabbit, I calling Pat outside. I'm thinking that the Pat who thinks bunnies are cute, is coming outside. I must have called for a different Pat, because as she came outside, Wagnerian music started playing "kill the rabbit". How was I to know. I'm taking pictures and Pat wants to know if I'm going to do something. The rabbit's eating my sweet potato vine, Pat yells. Well yeah, I tell her, I'm taking pictures and going to put them in my blog (at least we now know who's been eating the plants).

Doesn't he look cute?

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