Saturday, July 19, 2008

Hosta flowers

The hosta are in the middle of flowering. We have more hosta than we can count so there are a lot of flowers (really, we've tried counting all the hosta and we tire out and lose count after 400 or so). The flowers range from white to purple. Pat asked me a while back if the leaf color determines the flower color. I referred her to a couple of hosta web sites. That kind of stuff scrambles my brain. There's over a thousand different kinds of hosta, of which we only have thirty or so. I just like to plant them and watch them (and split them and plant them). The flowers do not have much of a scent. That doesn't matter because I lost my sense of smell in grade school when I started smoking.
The bees sure like the hosta. You can see hundreds of them flying around all day long collecting pollen. Some are as big as my thumb. It's a lot of fun taking pictures of the bees as they go about their business.

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