Friday, June 27, 2008

You's pays your money . . .

then you pile back into the car and head for Strongsville where Dad has plywood to paint. We have to practice the walk through, even though it'll be perfect the first time. Finally we get a bite to eat at an up-and-coming west side restaurant.
Back to the plywood. You might be asking yourself what am I doing painting plywood the evening before Katie gets married? Well. I'll tell you. It's been raining every day since the first of the year, or so it seems. We have 70 folding chairs to put in the yard and while I think it would be funny to see everyone sink, I don't think Pat or Katie would share in my sense of humor. Thus, the plywood to put on the grass. It'll be just like camp, but more crowded.
I'll fill you in with everyone's names in my next entry. The guy with Katie is Sean.

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