Sunday, June 22, 2008

Ya know the story about a 1000 at-a-boys

Pat and I had finished with the last load of river rock when we heard the tunder. We congratulated ourselves for getting done just in time. we looked around with satisfaction. Our garden back yard had never looked better.
We were sitting in the sun room watching the rain when it started to hail. For an instant it looked kind of cool, but just for an instant. The hail was as big as quarters. Twigs, small branches, and leaves started to land everywhere. It was hailing so hard, I didn't want to go outside. I looked around and saw the hail cutting through the hosta like a 10 guage through a goose. The hail tore the snot out of our back yard, and it only lasted for 20 minutes. We were lucky it didn't last any longer.

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sarah manville gann said...

It will be fine. It will all be fine.

The lights look great.