Tuesday, April 15, 2008


We've had two days in a row without rain. The sun is out. It's time for yard work. Pat and I raked the protective winter leaf covering from about half our beds. it's a great time to figure out what else to plant, whats needs moving or splitting. Man, it's great to be out in the yard.
Once again, I just take pictures. I'll leave identifying the plants to you.

Weed or something worth keeping? Let us know.

If anyone in the viewing audience knows what this plant is, please let me know. Whatever it is, it wintered over.

Just like camp, including the blue tarp. Well, except maybe for the houses.

Mr. Rabbit says no more snow.

I know what this is because I bought it at the flower and garden show. There's a fine line when collecting lawn ornamentation between tasteful and cars up on blocks. I think I'm still in the tasteful area.

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Anonymous said...

I figure if I didn't pay for it, it's a weed. Those little plants with the spade-shaped leaves spread aggressively and form big knots of shallow roots. Hyper agressive: usually a weed. Shallow roots: usually not a weed. You decide for yourself but I pull them up whenever I find them; they choke out all my other ground cover.