Sunday, March 16, 2008

put your pistols away, the sun's out!

All across Northeastern Ohio people were coming out of their snowbound homes to stare at something some children have only heard of. No kiddies, it's not a myth. It's the sun. After two days of relentless snow and who knows how many days of overcast, Sol has shown his face. Man, there is nothing quite like the sun right after a snow storm. The sky is all azure blue. The clouds look like cotton candy. The sun shines like a police flashlight in your highschool face and the snow is all sparkly. How pristine the moment until you look out into the street and think. I'm not going out in that.
The boys have differing views of the snow. Fred looks at us and goes, what are you, nuts? The snows deeper then me. I"ll poop in the house thankyou. Bob, on the other hand, loves the snow. I can let him off leash and he just has a great time.

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sarah manville gann said...

Even the zoo animals today had a different sniff about them. Spring can't be far off.