Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Hope Springs Eternal

The title says it all.

Spring can't too far away. We got stuff coming up all over the front yard. The back yard's still got snow on it, so who knows what's growing back there besides mud. I think the first picture's of daffodils or something like that. If you think I know what these plants are, you havn't been reading this blog long. So, we'll go with dafodils, but if you say day lilies, ok too.

Now these things are stella doro day lilies, I think. Now, I always thought that stella doro were maurice lanell cookies.

i have no clue what these things are, but they are green. Pat told me yesterday what they are but i forgot.

These are the tulips Katie and Sean got us from the Netherlands. 400 or so years ago, these things cost more than our house. Now, since this is northeast Ohio, maybe just the garage. This is really a pleasent suprise. The bulbs didn't get eaten by whatever varmints eat tulip bulbs.

Mr. Duck

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