Monday, November 12, 2007

So I was driving on the shoreway looking at the grey expanse of Lake Erie reaching out to the greyer expanse of the sky, humming a Tom Waits tune about St Christopher, and thinking that winter is going to be interesting. I have to drive by the Lake twice a day and the Plain Dealer just had a story about how lake effect snow can drop 5 feet in a day. Makes you want to sing Oh Canada.
It's raining today. It rained yesterday, and it's going to rain tomorrow. Autumn in Cleveland is drab and dreary. Overcast and rain followed with overcast and snow. Top this off with the Browns losing to the Steelers again (and again) and the Illini beating Ohio State and you might think that the Apocalypse is upon us. You don't have to fear, the Cubs didn't make the World Series, so the Apocalypse is nowhere near. Besides, all the wailing and gnashing of teeth from the OSU fans is pretty funny.
But wait, there are still flowers in the Grobles' back yard. I don't know if it's the tons of sweet peat we put on the flowers, the scary face guarding the house or just luck. It doesn't matter, the flowers are still here.
Pat did a fantastic job of diagraming the back yard. We're going to use it for planning. Katie and Sean want to get married in our back yard this summer. Is that cool or what! Actually, it is very very very cool and awfully humbling. Well we can use this map to figure out how much gravel it'll take to get rid of all the grass. Or we can use it to figure out seating.

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