Monday, October 29, 2007

Allright, so fall is here.

It was 37 degrees last night and Pat and I are starting to think that we might need to turn on the furnace sooner then we wanted. I know we got loads of wood, but this ain't camp. Besides, the boys are dragging old blankets out to stay warm. So fall is here. If it wasn't the temperature, a sure fired clue are the neighbors who wake you up at the way too early, on Saturday and Sunday mornings to blow leaves. Nothing like the sound of industrial vacuum cleaners to brighten your morning. I don't get the leaf blowing. It seems to be a guy thing that I'm not part of. See, after you blow the leaves into piles which you carry out to the street, you get to mow the grass. I just mulch the leaves when I mow the lawn. Another sign of fall is the sun, or lack thereof. We are entering that time of the year when the weather pattern is overcast and wet followed by cold and rainy. You mow whenever the sun is out, because you may not see it again for a week or so. There are a few flowers still hanging on and some still blooming. It's only a matter of time till the first killing frost. Till there is snow on the patio furnature, Pat and I are going to hang out and enjoy the garden.

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sarah manville gann said...

Beautiful photos as always. Do not apologize for not blowing leaves. My neighbor does it at least three times a week to what end? His drive is still leafy. It's an attempt to control the uncontrollable.