Thursday, July 12, 2007

Pat's Potted Plants

It's the plants that are potted, not Pat.
Anyway, not all the plants are in pots. Some are in boxes, others are in soil tiles or chimney flues. We got the soil tiles and chimney flues at a construction tile place in Akron. What a cool place it was. One of the guys said that he thought someone had come in once before for planters, but he thought that it was the weirdest thing he had ever heard of. I said yep and could he help lift the tiles into the Aztec. These thing are a great idea. The terra cotta is made to withstand freezing temps buried in the ground, so we plant them and leave em. The galvanized tubs came from Tractor Supply of America. It's just like Fleet Farm, but closer. Its only 20 minutes away from us. I think that fact alone confirms that Pat and I live at the edge of what passes for civilization around here.
Pat, once again, has done a outstanding job with all the annuals. The only thing that I know about annuals is how many fit in the Aztec in one trip. Once again, you got your flowers of different shapes, sizes and colors. I can name only a few, but they all look great. Needless to say,we water every day. All told, it takes us about 4 hours to water the back yard every day. Only 1 inch of rain fell in June and not even an inch so far in July. Luckily, we live in an area where people wash their cars in the driveway, so watering is just an issue of time.

For your viewing pleasure: Pat's Potted Plants

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