Wednesday, August 8, 2012

the garden is happy

It’s rained twice in the last two weeks.  Between the rain and our watering, we have kept the garden in remarkable shape. I can’t say the same about the pots on the deck. No matter how much we watered, the deck pots never took off, so that’s the last I’ll mention them.
The hibiscus plants (or is it hibisci) and all the various rudbeckia have never been bigger.  The beds we built last year need thinning. We’ll use the extras to fill in the beds we built this spring.  Who would have thought that the beds would fill in so fast? It’s got to be that fine Ohio product, sweet peet.
The back yard is awash with all kinds of bees and butterflies. They literally cover the marsh milkweed and ligularia. You can hear them flying around the yard. A patch of rudbeckia has popped up that we had given up for dead. The rabbits eat them year after year. That’s why we moved the few we had left to the front yard. This spring we over seeded what was left of the yard with a clover mix, the clover took and now we see rabbits eating clover at all times of the day.
People at work sometimes look askew when I tell them that my favorite thing to do at home is sit in the back yard. A couple of my colleagues came over to work on curriculum. We worked outside and then they understood.

 I've always wondered where all my hosta flowers went. Now I know. They must be tasty.
 I am hoping that the clover will eventually overwhelm the grass. 


Jayne said...

Your garden is looking wonderful. The rain and your watering efforts have really done a good job. I bet it's wonderful sitting in your garden with all the butterflies flitting around.

Mark and Gaz said...

Pleased to see the garden is looking well! Lovely garden!