Tuesday, May 1, 2012

hosta in pots

I’ve been buried at work. I feel like Governor La Petomane in "Blazing Saddles." "Work, work, work." The weather’s been lousy, so working in the water soaked back yard has to wait a few more weeks. Last Saturday we had a break. It was cold but sunny. I had a chance to work on the hosta we left winter over in pots. I thought that a quick freshen up with compost would be all the hosta needed. Just like Governor La Petomane wasn’t the brightest bulb, neither was I regarding hosta in pots. I needed to find bigger pots. My hostas were pot bound. Who would have thought? Some got put in bigger pots and some got split to make friends and neighbors happy. The need for more and bigger pots smacked right up against my promise to Pat not to buy any more pots, and besides, we just don’t have any room for more pots. I think it’s time to get some more soil tiles from the construction tile place in Akron.


Sunray Gardens said...

Ah but those pots are really needed. Have to have Hosta and they always look so great in pots.

Cher Sunray Gardens

Søren said...

I have a large hosta that overwintered in a pot because I didn't have a place to stick it in the ground... Now I realise that clearly I need to divide it (I was going to do that anyway, since it's 1ft by 2ft in size) and leave a section in the pot!

Thanks for the inspiration!

Lona said...

I love the colorful pots you have them in.They look so pretty. Do you leave your potted hostas outdoors all winter Jim or bring them in? I was wondering because I planted a Peanuts Miniature one in my Fairy garden container.

Serenity Cove said...

I'm wondering the same thing. I've been thinking about putting some in containers but I don't want to lose them overwinter.