Monday, March 26, 2012

everything comes back

Every March I seem to go through a couple of weeks of angst. The back yard varies from having a shimmering sheen of water to "get the boats out, the back yard is under water again." I wonder out loud if anything will come back. Maybe this year is the year that nothing comes back. Pat pats me on the head and reminds me that I go through this every year and every year the garden comes back. Once again the world’s smartest woman is right. Not only are plants popping up all over the garden, the pots we left untouched last fall are alive with plant life. It’s the miracle of spring. I finally got started dead heading last year’s flowers, or at least where I didn’t sink too deep into the muck. 

This hosta has to move. It gets crowded out by ferns, ligularia and other hosta. I can't get to it yet because I sink up to the ankles.

 This anemone is beautiful, if a little confused. it's a month too early.

The bottomless mud doesn't seem to deter bambi and family.


Sunray Gardens said...

Yes they always come alive. I've been transplanting a few things and adding a few. Fortunately mine has not been as wet as yours. I did cover a couple of my biggest Hosta last night.
Cher Sunray Gardens

Mark and Gaz said...

Once of the best things about this time of the year are the excitement of seeing things coming back. Great looking plants!

Jayne said...

I love seeing things come back to life. It seems that every day brings a new surprise. I see it's no different in your garden :-)

Shyrlene said...

Jim - your blooms look wonderful, and I'm a bit envious of your Hosta growth. While just about everything else is up out of the ground (way early) - the Hostas are in no rush to come up (except for two ... and I have a LOT more than 2 planted).