Monday, January 24, 2011

I love garden shows

We are real lucky living in Cleveland. We get two garden shows: a big show, which Pat and I went to this weekend, and a huge one later in February. The parking lot was packed when we arrived. It was 10 degrees and overcast outside, but it was spring inside. Voc Ed students from the Auburn Career Center in Concord Township built a 2400 sq.ft. garden. I think it was the best garden at the show. The hosta and flowers were sprinkled with water and were beautiful. You can tell the students worked really hard. Garden shows have that "garden show" smell. It makes you think that spring is right around the corner, not two months away.

A funny thing happened after about 15 minutes at the show. People with cameras were everywhere. I mean Pat and I each had a camera, but I guess I never made the connection between cameras and gardens. That means that there are thousands of people going home after garden shows and saying, "I should do that" or "I should get this".

We met members of the Garden Club of Cleveland. I think I'll give it a try. Pat and I have a busy month ahead with three more garden shows. The Big Home and Garden Expo in Cleveland is 2/5 -13. The Akron Home and Flower Show is 2/25-27. The Central Ohio Home and Garden Show in Columbus is 2/26-3/6. The yard ornamentaton vendor who was at the show last weekend will be at the Columbus show. I told Pat we'll take the Aztec. It has more room than the Hyundai.

Ivy on fake animals, errie.

I never miss a chance to give a shout out to that most magnifcant of Ohio products, sweet peet. Pat and I use 15 yards a year, nothing else, and I don't work for these guys.
Proof that if you don't keep moving in the garden, ivy will get you. It's sort of like Day of the Triffids. It gives me the creeps.
I love yard ornaments. When I pass by, I can hear the voices, "Jim, Jim, check us out."


Shyrlene said...

Jim - this is an awesome post! Great photos, excellent garden ideas and I covet your yard art. (Looking at your photos, I could also kick myself for not planting any bulbs last Fall!)

Gatsbys Gardens said...

I wish Chicago had an earlier garden show, too late in March. Wannamakers show is also in March. Don't they know we need this NOW!
IO like ornaments also, but I have to restrain myself on this small property, or it could look like I'm a horder!


lifeshighway said...

Wow, what a coincidence... I love lawn ornaments, too! By all means take the SUV.

Great pictures.

Nature Rambles said...

I love garden shows too! Thank you for posting these wonderful pictures!!

Barbara said...

Hi Jim, are you saying that that entire show was indoors? Wow. I've also noticed that at garden expos people tend to have cameras.

Kyna said...

Haha, I love that lass pic, you look so happy :D

I've never been to a garden show before. When I lived in Edmonton, I'm sure we had some cool ones but I wasn't interested in gardening then. And where I live now, I'm sure they'd be lame.

Lona said...

I bet seeing all of those hostas just made your heart go pity-pat.LOL! Everything looks so pretty. I kind of like those ivy covered topiary's. I love all of the tulips and waterfalls. Did you get a pink flamingo? Thanks for sharing the pictures.

Shady Gardener said...

What great photos, Jim! And I can understand why you picked up those little items at the end! :-) What a fun time you must have had!

p3chandan said...

Lovely show with beautiful flowers and foliage. I especially love all the water features making focal points in the gardens. You sure looked happy there!

Anonymous said...

I love it when you go to a show. You should come to Philadelphia for the flower show. You would love it. Would you please send your photo(s) of the creepy ivy clad figures plus your commentary to Cheri's blog Along Life's Highway: The Yard Art Game. They are perfect.

Alistair said...

Hi Jim,Garden shows in January, fantastic, just what the doctor ordered. We are all getting obsessed with the camera these days. When I see Hostas such as these, I think of your good self.