Friday, October 29, 2010

a golden glow

The Great Lakes States have been buffeted by high winds all week. It seems the weather system was centered over Minnesota. Maybe it’s revenge for the movie Fargo. I admit I found it a laugh riot. I’ve always liked Bemidji in that Northern Minnesota, middle of nowhere, 10 months of winter, 2 months of poor sledding kind of way. Once again I’m wandering. None the less, it has been windy.

The wind brought some funny surprises. The leaves that all those happy families raked to the curb last week-end are back where they started, in the yard. So while Pat and I are emptying 60 containers this weekend, the leaf blower brigades will be hard at work.

The hostas have turned a golden color. Some are still hanging on, but it’s the end of the line for our hosta till next year. The fading hosta made it easier for me to dig up ligularia to give away. Ligularia seeds itself so well that we have a couple dozen plants to give away.

While the weather lasts, the yard is really bright and pretty.


debsgarden said...

Beautiful photos! I do love the golden color of the hostas as the season comes to an end. They add a lot to the fall landscape.

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

What colorful, happy photos. Enjoy this glorious autumn season.


Gatsbys Gardens said...

Wow, Jim you really do have a lot of leaves. I live in an old area but a lot of our big trees have been cut down due to Dutch Elm Disease. We still have tons of leaves in the village but not very many at my house.


Shyrlene said...

Jim - you have such a welcoming home, the photos lead you around with interest! My hostas didn't fade out as pretty as yours - most curled up and turned brown. :(