Tuesday, May 4, 2010

stuff that's not hosta

I’m in a funk, have been for a while. This time of year I’m normally a non-stop yard machine, weeding, digging, moving plants, more weeding. Engaged in all the stuff that brings me joy. Yeah, even weeding brings me joy. I couldn’t figure out what was wrong. I walk the yard every day, weeding and taking pictures. I still have a “to do” list that gets longer every day, but something is missing. Duh! Pat’s what missing. My gardening partner, the one who gives my gardening meaning (nice way of saying she tells me what to do, huh.) is missing. She is nowhere to be found. How can I garden like this? There is no one who can look at the garden and tell me what to do like Pat.

Pat’s not really missing. She is ensconced upstairs studying for a statistics final. Doesn’t the professor realize that there is gardening to do? We have 55 containers to plant and a veggie garden to plant.

With all the April and May rain, we’ve got stuff growing all over. The yard looks so green and peaceful I could fall asleep in any of the chairs we have outside. But the rain also was good to the weeds. Now I know that one person’s weed is another’s cherished plant. If that idiom is really true, I’d like to find those guys and trade out plants. This is what I really need Pat for. She is Nero to everything in the garden. If a plant has a pretty flower or an interesting leaf, I’ll let it stay. It probably stems from the time at our first house where I weeded all her annuals. Well I was young and not so smart.

Contrary to what some friends and relatives think, we do have more than hosta in the back yard. Now it’s hard to take a picture without some hosta in the background so try to ignore them. Wow, I can actually identify some of the plants. We have solomon's seal, lily of the valley, azeleas, chives, brunerra and marsh marigold.

I donno.
I donno.
Once again, I donno. This is why I miss Pat.

This marsh marigold is one year old. It was no larger than the little guy on the left. It seems to self seed like crazy so we could probably just wait a couple years till it reaches critical mass. Or we could go out and get 2 or 3 more.

We have strawberries on the far side of the berm as a ground cover. The wind or birds started this one 30 feet away.


Manuela said...

Beautiful pictures! I love that huge Hosta :)

debsgarden said...

It rained a couple days here, and when I went out in the garden today, I found weeds two feet tall that weren't there three days ago!

Your plants that are not are lovely. Truly, gardening is more fun if you have someone to share it with! I hope Pat is soon at your side, helping you .

Is the Wiz said...

It's funny, most men in Britain see gardening as an escape from the wife! It's nice to know there are some devoted couples. Your marbled leaved plant is a lamium and I think the others are a cranesbill(geranium) and an omphaloides but not 100% sure. As for rabbits - Satan's spawn. Let us know if the orange peel works on them, am considering growing only poisonous plants and I used to be such a nice person!

Gunilla said...

Hi Jim

Fantastic what it´s flowering in your garden.
here the snow has just melted it´s only snow left in shadow.
I haven´t started gardening yet.
But soon.

Have a nice day in your garden.

Greetings from Sweden

Gatsbys Gardens said...

Lamiastrum (the top picture with the yellow flowers) I think this is what it is Jim. Very nice pictures!


Anonymous said...

Oh dear Jim, Should I be naughty and suggest that if you mention loudly that you are off to weed Pat's 'annual' bed she might come running? No, I won't say a terrible thing like that :D
Love the Lily of the Valley!

Larry said...

I can relate... I have an extremely busy wife, but the best times in the garden are always when we're out there together!! Larry

WiseAcre said...

I already have more cherished plants than I can handle. I'll have to pass on the trading offer.

Muhammad khabbab said...

Finally stuff which is not hosta. I am mesmerized by lily of the valley blooms. Very pretty. I have grown lots of marigolds but never heard of marsh marigold, it grows near marshes probably.

Lona said...

I donno either LOL! See you are not alone Jim.
Your garden is getting so pretty now with all of the blooms coming on. I still love that little Marsh Marigold but I am glad you told me it reseeded. Your azaleas and lilies are so pretty. I love the white one. That is such a great picture of your Salomon's Seal too.

Anonymous said...

Jim, You leave Pat alone and let her study. She'll be back to inspire your gardening efforts after she aces that stats exam! -Jean

Carol said...

Lovely! Especially love your first shot. I think the plants you do not know the names of are ... oh dear it is hard not to be able to scroll back up... the first I believe was Lamium ... then there was a wild geranium and maybe ajuga was the last.