Friday, September 5, 2008

Oktoberfest in Cleveland

It's Labor day and Pat and I have spent the last two days gardening. Of course we couldn't leave well enough alone, so we moved hosta and ligularia around. Even Pat and I need a break from gardening. In Cleveland on Labor Day there's Oktoberfest. Yea, I know it's September and 90 out, but if you push those things out of your mind, you got Oktoberfest. Accordions, polka, grown men running around with short pants and suspenders, sausages, beer, wine and more beer.

The county fair grounds are only about 15 minutes from the house. On the way there, I'm wondering how many people are going to be there? It's 90 out and September. It just seems a little too hot and a little to early for Oktoberfest. Man, was it crowded. As soon as we got out of the car, you could here the music. German and American flags were flying everywhere. So what happened? Did all the other countries take all the nice colors and leave the Germans with what they got. Or maybe it was penance.

We found the wine kiosk as soon as we walked in. There was a half price sale for Cub fans. As we wandered around, we heard om pa pa bands in every building. The music all kind of blended together. It sounded like the theme from Hogan's Heroes. We wandered into another building and I had a Julie Andrews nightmare moment (that's my Sound of Music joke).

The real treat was the weiner dog races. I have never seen these many little yippers. They were everywhere. Man was it fun. Oh yea, there were these guys wearing inner tubes dancing on top of a building. If I wasn't more interested in Pat than German all those years ago, I might know what the sign says. For all I know it says, funny dressed guys dancing.

There was something for just about everyone. These pics are for Wayne in Omaha.

Maybe I'm too far removed from the land of my ansestors to get it, but this guy was having a good time.

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