Friday, August 15, 2008

The perfect hosta flower

Pat and I see thousands of hosta flowers. Because of all the types of hosta we have, we have blooms all summer long. There are some that are just now flowering. Every once in a while a flower just pops out. Here are some of the best pics.

This sort of reminds me of a Tony Bourdain travel show. He meets a guy in China who has spent his life trying to perfect a Chinese character in the alphabet. I know it's hard to connect hosta and calligraphy together, but just follow along for the punch line.

Speaking of the Chinese, The New China News Daily ( ) has an article on European royalty visiting the Olympics. Yea, I know I still use the name from the good old days but the link works. Mao has got to be proud looking down from commie heaven. It sure is a cultural revolution. Just not the one Chou and Mao dreamed of.

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